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Middle East Association of Computer Science and Engineering (MEACSE)

MEACSE is an international scientific society of innovative scholars engaged in computer science and engineering.

The MEACSE members include professors, research scientists, engineers, scholars, software developers, university postgraduate and undergraduate engineering and technology students, etc. MEACSE perform an essential role and improves developments and creation  in computer science and engineering in a many of ways. The main goal and functionality of MEACSE is to embrace and conduct concurrent topics research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within its fields of experience.

MEACSE targets to encourage regional and international communication and corporation; promote outstanding interaction and lifelong  learning; recognize extraordinary contributions of individuals and organizations; encourage scholar researchers to follow studies and careers in computer science and engineering. We also greet research that highlights successful modern applications of computer
science and engineering.


  Message from the Chair

Welcome to the official website of MEACSE. We devote ourselves to achieve our vision and achieve our main goal which is to serve as an association for activating and guiding its members to subedit the general goals and responsibilities to create the research and development activities in the range of computer science and engineering for the service of human race and the progression of general welfare.